Tips for Fall (4)

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Continuing the theme of the decor of your home, which already started in the above, we advise you to choose light colors because they give more light.

Another option, but less cost, is replaced by glass partitions work, taking advantage of natural light from the exterior rooms. Energy savings.

Tips for fall (3)

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You can protect from cold exterior walls of your home with insulating paint, with a frieze or base (wood, PVC, polystyrene, etc.). And also a new possibility is a mixture of cork, resins and various additives apply to both internal and external (decorating and thermally and acoustically insulating, and as a waterproofing outdoor use). In addition to renewing the decoration and design of your home, reduced the amount of electricity bills.

Tips for fall 2011 (2)

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Reviewing the doors or windows that leak heat Tengu. Whether it between the door or window and the wall that can be filled with polyurethane foam or silicone. Or, to close more tightly and does not give the cold air, use tape or adhesive borlet.

Problems lime

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Problems lime: Install water softening

If you have constant problems with the lime in your home or in your community do not hesitate to install one of our softeners. This will avoid problems with the cooler, washing machine, dishwasher, pipes, valves and also get the clothes longer, better feel on the skin and hair when showering, apart; save personal soaps and detergents to prevent lime neutralises part of the effect of these products. Do not hesitate, ask for a quote.

ELBSA always at your service to improve their quality of life.

Tips for Fall 2011

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For better insulated your house is a good option may be to heavy curtains or tight, his best placement is about 5 cm windows and onto the floor.

Problems with your air conditioning

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If your air conditioning problems of the type given itself off, any lights or flashing lights on the panel, continuously. Before you call your installer or service standard. You can perform a simple test. Which is to reset the electronic board of the computer, this operation must be performed with the computer off and then download the circuit breaker is in the electrical box that corresponds to the air conditioning for 5 minutes. When this time has elapsed to climb back up the circuit breaker. If the problem persists contact your installer usual or authorized service.

Maintenance of the pool 2

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If, after applied to your swimming pool during the winter treatment, you notice that the water is dirty, you have to clean it before adjusting the pH and make the shock chlorination. The recovery of the water passes through the filtration system review and the use of flocculant, a substance that helps to concentrate the dirt particles in the bottom of the glass or filter that can be removed later with the cleaner, or by suction through filter.

With clean water, you’ve almost completed the development of your pool, but there is a final chapter, checking the correct functioning of the sinks, filters, pump, ladders, showers, etc.. Furthermore, it is desirable to thoroughly clean all areas adjacent to the glass.

Maintenance of the Pool 1

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If you’re swimming, you must be thinking about preparing for the arrival of good weather. If you’ve applied the same treatment during the winter, now only have to make a simple tune.

The liability in this matter passes care for the pool all year round, with winter treatment, including the application of a product so that the water is not contaminated, activation of the filter regularly, and surface protection to a plastic cover.

If you have fulfilled this premise, the development of your pool will be easy. The first thing you do is lift the plastic cover that has protected it during the winter, check out the water if it is clean, simply remove the impurities from the bottom, walls and surface with manual sweepers, vacuum cleaners or semi-automatic. Then adjust the pH, between 7 to 7.8, and will make a shock chlorination, a kind of stronger than usual chlorine to disinfect water.

And is the pool to enjoy.

Savings on the invoice for the light

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    • This is the appliance with which you can save more, it consumes about 18% of household electricity. To reduce consumption, aléjalo heat sources (radiators and oven) and place at least a 5 cm wall.
    • The ideal temperature is between 3 and 6 º C in the refrigerator and up -18 º C in the freezer. Each grade amounts to increase the amount of 5%.
    • Thaw before the ice than 3 mm: thus save up to 30% of energy.
    • Thaw in the refrigerator, the refrigerator and the cold draw off frozen foods.
  • OVEN
    • Only open on lost 20% of energy. Do not do without.
    • Try preheating the least possible and turn off a few minutes before the roast be finished, taking advantage of residual heat.
    • Represents 8% of electricity consumption of the house.
    • Save if the machine works at full load.
    • Use the shortest cycle.
    • Wash at low temperature: consume 3 times less than if you do a 80 -90 ° C.
    • The liquid soap will work under the washing machine washing powder.
  • DISH
    • It takes 2% of domestic consumption.
    • Try to work whenever full.
    • A half load, use a short program.
    • Do not overdo it with detergent, because it forces the unit to work harder.

Plumber and inventor 2

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